Donations and contributions

Being a donor of Animaux en Péril means to integrate a community that defends certain values. Whether you are a strong activist or a simple participant, your help is welcome and there are as many statuses of donors as there are vocations.


The amount of your donation is of course entirely up to you, but to stay informed about the association's news, it has to reach 15€. Keep in mind that if your annual donation amount reaches 40€, you are entitled to a tax certificate that, in some countries like Belgium or France, grants you a tax reduction. It is not automatically sent to members outside Belgium, though. So if you want to receive it, please contact


Dons - CotisationsAlthough there isn't any counterpart depending on the status, you will receive a membership card that will symbolize your financal support.


Our different statuses of membership are :


• Donor :15 €
• Sympathizing donor :25 €
• Benevolent donor :40 €
• Big donor :250 €


Some donors choose to make specific donations at particular times of the year and some others prefer to be regular and contract a bank domiciliation that benefits our association. Both ways of proceeding are complementary and each method has its benefits : the domiciliations give us regular funds that we can count on every month. Spontaneous donations are a welcome complements all year long and can also help for a project in particular (renovation, construction works,…) or support a campaign that touches you particularly. Of course, it’s also possible to combine the two formulas : the needs of Animaux en Péril are as varied as its action is.


Your donations can be made on these account numbers :


Fortis BNP Paribas: IBAN: BE38-2100-5311-9272 • BIC: GEBABEBB

ING: IBAN: BE73- 3701-1783-2960 • BIC: BBRUBEBB


You can also donate by Paypal