Parrainage - Meslin l'ÉvêqueFor our association which doesn’t receive any public funding, the animal sponsorship is a reliable and a regular source of money to face all the charges generated by the accommodation and medical care of 400 animals including 200 large farm mammals.


It’s difficult to welcome home a horse, a goat, a sheep or a pig, and adoption won’t be possible for a large number of our residents. They’ll live in our shelters, under our protection, until the end of their days. But this accommodation for life means a huge cost for our association.


With the sponsorship, you contribute to the costs of the accommodation of one or several animals and create a particular bond between them and people who care about their destiny.


Being a sponsor to an animal helps building the world we dream of for animals. It’s also being conscious of how important we can be in the happiness of someone else. Animaux en Péril counts 1000 sponsorships; they have enabled the creation of perfect places in Meslin-l’Evêque and Isières where animals and humans live together in trust and respect.




Being a sponsor means to link your heart and your name to an animal protected by Animaux en Péril and contribute to its accommodation and well-being.


Parrainage - Meslin l'ÉvêqueShortly after your second month of donation, you will receive a picture of your sponsored animal. You will also get a diploma, every year, which formalizes your bond with the animal you have chosen to help.


Your name will appear on our website and on our honor roll exposed in the cafeteria of our Meslin-l’Evêque shelter. You will also be proudly included on one of the most visited websites of animal protection and be an example for potential other sponsors. They’ll realize how extraordinary solidarity and willingness can be.



A party to reward your involvement


Parrainage - Meslin l'ÉvêqueEvery year, we celebrate our valued sponsors with the most important event of our calendar. During the summer, we organize a big party for them; that day is the occasion to meet their protected animals up close but also meet our team and other sympathizing members. We do everything we can to make that day as memorable as possible for everyone. All our guests have the opportunity to discover our shelters and spend quality time with our 400 animals. This event is private and is only accessible to our sponsors and their relatives with a personnal invitation.


Friendly atmosphere and varied activities are planned during this special day : outdoor appetizer, guided visits, big vegan feast and also a photo shoot with the animals and their protectors. These animations, that take place in a peaceful atmosphere, also give you the opportunity to meet a large community of people touched by a similar cause : animal protection and rights.

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