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Animaux en Péril’s achievements are all the more pricy as the charity doesn’t receive ANY PUBLIC SUBSIDIES. As a result, it has to find ways to fund its double vocation by itself : housing and providing care to about 400 animals on a daily basis, and campaign to improve animal rights throughout the country.

In addition, the organization is in constant evolution, adapting to the increasing number of animals and constantly bettering infrastructures for them.


Where does the capital that can allow such a result come from? It comes entirely from our members’ generosity, and from animal protection contributors at large. Animaux en Péril lives on the solidarity of those who see themselves in its ideas : it channels efforts of the people who want to make animal protection a concrete preoccupation, not only theoretical. The non-profit organization is an activist entity, without concessions or compromises on the battle it fights for.


For all those who see themselves reflected in our goals, there are multiple ways to help us. Each one of them is important : even if your contribution seems very little to you, lost in the scale of the task to accomplish, keep in mind that it is the convergence of numerous testimonials of support, more or less important, that made us who we are. No donation is too small.


For a non-profit organization, the concern for the future is permanent. Each call for fund, each action is calculated to maintain balance in every area. Animaux en Péril’s finances are a complex architecture and can’t do without a source of income like a house can't do without an element of carpentry ; everything is necessary and thought through.


Do you want to help us house, feed, and care for our animals? Do you wish to bring your own bit to the well being of animals, right the wrongs done to the victims, tend to improve their fate, and work towards another vision of the world? The adjacent buttons sum up all ways to show your support, and leave your print on the struggle we lead.

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